Vermillion E-Sports

Vermillion E-Sports

This the the official Vermillion E-Sports Team lineup. Our main and best lineup, they compete in many leagues and we are proud to have them playing under our organisation.

The lineup consists of the following players:

- Fritz "slæxz-" Dietrich
- Victor "Heda" Hedberg 
- Leon "oXX1d" Seelhorst
- Alexander "smhikd" Johansson 
- Erik "nisbet" Nisbet

You can view their ESEA page here:

  • slaxzcs

    Fritz Dietrich

    ...Read More

  • oXX1d

    Leon Seelhorst

    ...Read More

  • smhikd

    Alexander Johansson

    Hello, my name is Alexander "smhikd" Johansson and I'm currently playing for Vermillion eSports....Read More

  • nisbet

    Erik Nisbet

    17 year old aspiring counter strike player....Read More

  • heda

    Victor Hedberg

    I'm Victor 'Heda' Hedberg, 24 Y/O, living in Sweden. I work as a System Administrator at an IT-company. I've been playing CS since 1.6 (about 12 years on and off). I fill the role of in-game-leader for my team which roster finalized mid-season S.24. Alongside IGL'ing I tend to assist the team as an entry-fragger and at times 2nd awper. ...Read More